As election day quickly approaches, it is important to understand who the candidates are. We will be voting for the new mayor of Carver. Please vote for Courtney Johnson for the next Mayor of The City of Carver! She loves this town, desires to see change happen now and is a voice for the residents of Carver. Please check out her page and ask any questions that you may have. She will be happy to answer them. Make time in your schedule next Tuesday and VOTE!

-Kelli Gavin

Over the next two week’s our media will focus on the midterm horse races that could tip the balance of power at the national and state level. Unreported, however, are the thousands of candidates running for local office positions across the USA with no attack ads, no staff and on a shoestring budget. Only a drive to make a difference in their community keeps them going while campaigning in relative anonymity.

Courtney Johnson is one of those candidates. 

I’ve known Courtney as a business colleague, a friend, an elected official and now a mayoral candidate and what impresses me most is how she always comes to the table with well-researched ideas, yet is also willing to listen to multiple view points. This is important in a town like Carver, as its residents experience unprecedented growth and the exciting opportunities and decisions that go with it. 

I am proud to endorse Courtney 4 Mayor and strongly encourage you to support her campaign with donations, your time, your endorsement and, if you’re lucky enough to have the opportunity, your vote.

-Chris Nietupski

“I've never had a political sign in my yard before, but I'm proud to have this be my first one!”

-Mike Greisinger

I am writing this letter to show my support for Courtney Johnson who is running for Mayor of Carver this 2018 election. My young family moved to Carver 3 years ago after living years in the busier parts of the Metro. Choosing Carver over other communities was really based on the friendly, “small town” qualities we had hoped we would experience living here. The ink on our closing papers had barely even dried before we received an in-person welcome at our front door by neighbors Courtney and Zac. It was absolutely the exact type of feeling we had been dreaming for in choosing Carver as our “forever home.”

This represents just one small fraction of what Courtney stands for. Not only is she a welcoming individual who ALWAYS makes time for people, but she also values the importance of connection, talking with people, and learning about others. In our three years here in Carver, Courtney has ALWAYS been our first “go-to” with any and all related questions about policies, laws, regulations, city events. And we ALWAYS get that “small town” welcome from her as often as we go to her with our questions and concerns!

Courtney would make an excellent mayor for Carver. She is knowledgeable, and when she doesn’t know, will find answers, no matter what. She is kind, personable, and passionate about Carver. She is very much a “people’s person,” and that, to our family, is exactly what we want to represent our newly-called “home.”

-Erin Nelson

“Carver friends... Courtney Johnson (unrelated) is an old friend of mine from St. Cloud State. Courtney and I were in the Mass Comm Television program together. She’s running for Mayor of Carver… I can say from what I know she is a quality human being and seems to really care about Carver.”

-Ron Johnson

“Courtney Johnson is a compassionate and caring woman. She is always willing to listen. In the times we are living in, we need someone that is willing to listen to all sides and make good decisions for our city. I believe Courtney is the person we need as our next Mayor!”

-Roxanne Wongdock 

I’ve known Courtney for more than seven years, as a respected and valued colleague. I was her supervisor for 4 years and she never once let me down. If she said she’d do something, she found a way to get it done, even when it was hard, even when there were headwinds, even when it required doing something in a new or different way. She brings a strong combination of commitment, coalition building and creative thinking. If you elect her as your mayor, you’ll get an accessible leader who will under promise and over deliver for the people of Carver.

-Lauren Mihajlov

I’ve known Courtney Johnson personally and professionally for at least 10 years and I can’t think of a more qualified, ethical and open-minded individual to serve as Mayor of Carver. Having served on the Carver City Council for the past two years, she is familiar with, and brings fresh perspective to, this blooming city’s plans for the future.

Courtney is also fortunate to have a flexible job that allows her to spend time with her constituents and participate in many city activities. She has made time to participate in the SW Corridor Coalition’s Highway 212 bus tour with other local and elected leaders; she has visited Chaska Middle School West to speak to 7th grade civics classes and attend Veterans’ Day programs; visited Granite Falls to learn more about their levy; she has personally walked through the streets of Carver, before street improvement plans are put together, to listen to residents and help determine what is needed for future infrastructure.

From the first time I met Courtney, I was impressed with her level of civic responsibility. She encourages her friends and neighbors to become involved in their communities. I know this first-hand: last year, Courtney encouraged me to get more involved in my community through volunteerism and I have.

A final note: with the politics that are dividing our country right now, you can always count on Courtney to approach issues with composure and grace; that is something we all need more of in our elected officials.

-Jane Overby

Carver will have a bright, hard-working leader in Courtney who makes Carver even more economically viable and a desirable destination for business and families. A vote for Courtney is a vote for Carver. I can attest that she is a person of high integrity and cares about people. I saw this first-hand when she cared for and helped people and families after the 35W Bridge Collapse. Carver will be well served by her thoughtfulness and dedication.

-Marti Jones

Everyone should know there is a very important election on Tuesday, Nov. 6 with many important state and federal offices on the ballot.

We should not forget our local positions that also need t one filled. In particular the city of Carver will be elective a new mayor and filling two other council positions.

Many of you may not feel these positions are as important as governor or U.S. Senate, but these elected officials will have more impact on our immediate lives than anyone else on the ballot. They will impact:

  • Carver’s growth in the future

  • resources to handle a fire or other emergencies

  • Clean water supply for drinking

  • Parks and recreational opportunities

  • Keeping the Minnesota River from downtown Carver

They will deal with these issues and many others, as well as affecting our property values, property taxes and utility rates.

With the above factors in mind, I am supporting Courtney Johnson as mayor. I have worked with her on several city commissions, and feel she is smart, savvy and a solid individual with a good vision for the future of Carver.

-Jim Weygand